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Ghola (Ordos)

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  1. House Ordos was a mercantile Great House whose home was an ice-covered planet, Sigma Draconis 4, in the Sigma Draconis star system. House Ordos was most famous for its smuggling of forbidden Ixian technologies into their home planet, and for the wealth that makes them paranoid, but powerful.
  2. Ordos (;) is one of the twelve major subdivisions of Inner Mongolia, China. It lies within the Ordos Loop of the Yellow River. Although mainly rural, Ordos is administered as a prefecture-level city. Its administrative seat is situated in Dongsheng which had a population of , inhabitants as Missing: Ghola.
  3. Sabotage (Ordos) – David Arkenstone: Harkonnen Force (Harkonnen) – Frank Klepacki: Assembling The Troops (Atreides) – Jarrid Mendelson: Ghola (Ordos) – David Arkenstone: Legacy (Harkonnen) – Jarrid Mendelson: The Specimen (Ordos) – Frank Klepacki: The Spice Must Flow (Atreides) – David Arkenstone.
  4. House Ordos Ghola Tribute to Evil Victory is Inevitable (Short) View all songs from Emperor: Battle for Dune.
  5. Ordos instead has them setting up a Puppet King. Awesome Personnel Carrier: The Atreides and Ordos can use APCs, but they're only slightly awesome. The Atreides one is armed with a standard gun turret and can use an Invisibility Cloak while not moving, and the Ordos one is .
  6. Commercial (CD) published by Westwood Studios on containing original soundtrack from Emperor: Battle for Dune with compositions by David Arkenstone, Frank Klepacki, Jarrid Mendelson.
  7. The Ordos are led by the Executrix, four beings that share a single mind and communicate only through a creature known as the "Speaker". The Ordos are calculated in their thinking, almost machine-like. Advising the "Commander" (player) is the equally cold female Mentat Roma Atani. There are also subplots within subhouses and factions on Arrakis.
  8. Emperor: Battle for Dune, an Album by David Arkenstone / Frank Klepacki / Jarrid Mendelson. Released in (catalog no. WWEOPSIF / WWEOPSIB; CD). Genres: Video Game perbtisecbueworkcardsodojanelvama.xyzinfog: Ghola.
  9. Play BRSTM: Game: Emperor: Battle for Dune: Song Name: Ghola: Song Type: Song ID: BRSTM Uploader: Cyriaan: Upload Date: October 22, Length: BRSTM Size.

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